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5 a day

Posted in life by artexceiling on May 6, 2009

rainbow dinner

I watched a programme about obesity, even though I wanted a pizza more than anything, I thought I’d give the above pictured meal a go. It was tasty but the next day I had a greggs pasty for lunch and that was more pleasurable , I gave it a go though, right? I mean, my BMI is not what the doc would like but I’m not in the danger zone yet. If I don’t go hell for leather on the greggs, and never eat carbs after 5 I should be okay. Oh, and a bit of exercise would probably help but somehow it’s not possible, for reasons I justify that astound me. Last time I was going to go I thought, I won’t because I only have one clean towel. That was it, game over, back on the sofa.

Last week I did go out on the bike, but trying to navigate the streets of London and staying alive due to the insane manoeuvres of lorry and van drivers turned it in to a rather traumatic experience. I have to remember I can’t engage in road rage exchanges on a pushbike. I also did a lot of walking in the last few weeks, London Bridge to Tooting, around The City one Sunday, which is the best time to go in my opinion, and on various other little treks. Sounds good, but I smoke and drink so it’s all pointless I suppose in the end.

I also like to drink skimmed milk, sometimes 6 pints a day so i’ve no problem in the bone department.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your lunch be it pasty/kebab/salad/jacket spud.

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