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Aliyah Ismail

Posted in child protection, Children, Looked after children, Young People by artexceiling on May 3, 2010

On the 18th October 1998 13-year-old Aliyah Ismail was pronounced dead after an overdose of methadone. She had been consistently failed by social services.
She was involved in child prostitution and had a chaotic life.
Aliyah had been moved 68 times during her short life – between her parents, social workers, foster carers and children’s homes. The police also picked her up on occasions.
Three weeks before her death took a long overdue decision to put her in secure accommodation to protect her, but they failed to fast track the process which would have meant her being detained. Unfortunately she had already absconded and ultimately this would lead to her death.
I’m’ just posting this because I thought of her today. She had a talent for languages and wanted to be a barrister when she grew up. She may have been living a nice life now, perhaps studying and reaching her potential if she had been properly protected.
I hope she is at peace.
The saddest thing is there will be more girls and boys like her falling through the net right now.